Introducing EasyCrypt – perfect email privacy service

EasyCrypt - Perfect Email Privacy

Readers of Part 1: Introduction to our Email Privacy Crash Course and of its conclusive Part 6: Make your choice know that with the existing email privacy solutions users need to compromise on more than one of the following key aspects of email privacy: Strong end-to-end encryption Protection of metadata Anonymity Usability People network (ability to […]

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Email privacy crash course – Part 6: Make your choice

Course part-Privacy crash course part-6: Make your choice

If this is the first article of this series that you are reading, we recommend that you first read at least Part 1: Introduction. You can also see Parts 2 through 5 for a more detailed discussion. In this article we provide guidelines and recommendations for making your choice of an email privacy solution. You may […]

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Email privacy crash course – Part 5: Ubiquity and People Network

The previous articles in this series covered email Encryption, Metadata/Anonymity and Usability. The various aspects of email privacy are summarized in the following picture. We shall now explore the two remaining important aspects of email privacy solutions:  people network and ubiquity.

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Email privacy crash course – Part 4: Usability vs. Security

The previous articles in this series covered email  Encryption, Metadata and Anonymity. We shall now explore the often neglected but arguably the most important aspect of email privacy solutions: usability.  

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Email privacy crash course – Part 3: Metadata and Anonymity

Privacy crash course part-3: Anonymity and Metadata diagram

“Although people like to talk about ‘just’ metadata, metadata is extraordinarily intrusive. As an analyst, I’d prefer to be looking at metadata rather than content because it’s quicker and it’s easier and it doesn’t lie.” Edward Snowden   What is metadata and why should I care? “Metadata” sounds technical and boring (unless you are a […]

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Email privacy crash course – Part 2: Encryption

Privacy crash course part-2: Encryption diagram

Summary End-to-end encryption empowers users to control safe transmission of their emails over untrusted services and networks, thwarting surveillance and intrusion. Do not use non-standard encryption, PGP is the gold standard Look for full 4096 bit encryption strength Do not use services that are not end-to-end, such as server-side encryption. Do not use services that […]

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Email privacy crash course – Part 1: Introduction

Privacy crash course part-1: Introduction diagram

Email is essential. Almost every adult person connected to the Internet uses it. Consumers, businesses, governments, political organizations, non-profits – we all use email on a daily basis. Unfortunately, email is transmitted using systems and protocols that were designed decades ago, when awareness of security and privacy issues was low. Almost all email is transmitted […]

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