EasyCrypt releases major improvements to beta

It has been only 3 weeks since we released the initial beta and the response has been overwhelming. We are grateful to our beta testers from around the globe for their effort and persistence. Some of them went as far as setting up dedicated email accounts on their private servers to help us investigate deeply buried issues. This was and continues to be a real community effort.


We have so far performed a couple of on-the-fly releases. Today we released a version that contains major improvements: v0.2.8:


  1. EasyCrypt users no longer need to worry about disclosing their email password to EasyCrypt! The password (or authentication token that gives access to their email account) is now encrypted by the user’s PGP key, and cannot be decrypted by EasyCrypt while the user is offline. The technical details are Under the Hood.
  2. Outlook.com/Hotmail users no longer need to input their password during the sign-up (previously such password-less signup was available only for Gmail users).
  3. Key generation issue was eliminated. This issue prevented some users from signing up.
  4. STARTTLS authentication issue was resolved. This issues prevented connection of EasyCrypt to many private email servers.


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