How it works

EasyCrypt allows you to encrypt your mail end-to-end at your existing email address. You can use either EasyCrypt Secure Webmail or EasyCrypt app/desktop clients. When you use the Webmail there is nothing to install – it works through your browser. You do not need to learn anything about encryption – it works in the background.
In addition to encrypting your mail, you can choose to protect your metadata and communicate anonymously*, using an email pseudonym. EasyCrypt encrypts your email content, subject and metadata on your computer and sends it using your existing email service, such as Gmail or your work mail. For extra strong security and privacy protection, you may connect to EasyCrypt via Tor, at an “onion address”.
Invite your friends to join and use email just as you normally do. EasyCrypt is an open service – you can communicate securely also with external PGP users. In addition to webmail, you can use EasyCrypt from your smartphone or tablet, using our mobile app*. EasyCrypt Webmail and app have a standard look-and-feel of modern email clients.
The picture below shows Webmail and app screens of a user who uses EasyCrypt with Gmail. You can also continue to use a standard email client (such as Gmail, Thunderbird or Outlook) to access your email account. When you use an email client that does not support encryption, you will only be able to read messages that are not encrypted.
See the FAQ and Under the Hood pages for more details about how EasyCrypt works.  
* Not available in the beta version yet

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