EasyCrypt announces Perfect Email Privacy service

EasyCrypt is the first email privacy service that provides end-to-end encryption, full metadata protection and anonymity, at any email address. EasyCrypt will operate from Switzerland while serving a global user base.


August 5, 2016 – GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – EasyCrypt, a startup developing advanced privacy solutions, today announced EasyCrypt Perfect Email Privacy service. Targeted at consumers, small business and non-profit organizations, the service works with any email address and will be the first to provide full protection of email privacy, including end-to-end encryption, end-to-end metadata protection and anonymity. The service will operate from Switzerland while serving a global user base.

There are almost 2.5 billion email accounts worldwide, over 50% of them belonging to consumers. Even democratic countries such as US and UK have recently witnessed legislative efforts to boost government surveillance of email. A law recently adopted in Russia goes further, requiring service operators to obtain encryption keys and store data and metadata for extended periods of time. In addition, malicious actors are increasingly using email attacks for commercial gain or ransom, and for advancing political interests, such the recent attack on and publishing content of email servers of Democratic National Committee (DNC) in the US.


“EasyCrypt returns full control of privacy to email users” said a member of EasyCrypt founding team. “As we know from Snowden’s revelations, end-to-end encryption of email content is not sufficient: anonymity and end-to-end protection of metadata are required to prevent intrusion of privacy. Existing solutions do not support this. EasyCrypt is the first solution that provides this functionality”.
Based on an innovative combination of advanced, proven cryptographic technologies, EasyCrypt’s unmatched feature set includes:

  • End-to-end 4096-bit OpenPGP encryption (“zero knowledge of email content“)
  • End-to-end protection of metadata (“zero knowledge of metadata“) including the sender’s IP address, email address, message subject and all other personally identifiable metadata
  • Anonymity (“zero knowledge of identity“), allowing the senders to conceal their identity from addressees of their messages, service operators and even from EasyCrypt. This is especially important for protecting dissidents, journalists, whistleblowers and victims of crimes.
  • Ubiquity – EasyCrypt will work with any email service and address
  • Large people network – Unlike leading existing privacy services, EasyCrypt subscribers will be able to communicate securely not only with other subscribers of the service but also with external users of PGP-enabled email clients
  • Ease of use – designed for ordinary email users, EasyCrypt is accessed via highly intuitive webmail and mobile apps that provide standard and familiar email look-and-feel. Users are not burdened with management of encryption keys and other technicalities, and do not need to be technically adept.


EasyCrypt is slated for beta delivery in late 2016.


Press contact: press@easycrypt.co
Website: https://easycrypt.co
Twitter: @easycrypt_co
Facebook: @easycrypt.co

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