Email encryption service EasyCrypt passes an independent security audit

The Swiss-based service supports effortless end-to-end encryption at the user's existing email address. A report of the findings has been published and the detected vulnerabilities were fixed.

The audit was commissioned by Open Technology Fund and performed by the security assessment firm Include Security. All the high priority and almost all the low priority vulnerabilities discovered in the audit were fixed in the latest software version.

EasyCrypt email privacy service allows non-technical users to communicate using OpenPGP end-to-end encryption, using their existing email service and address, without installing anything and with no need to manage encryption keys.

“The independent audit reflects our commitment to the security and privacy of our users” said EasyCrypt spokesperson. “In accordance with our policy of full transparency we have published the source of our webmail client and are now publishing the results of the audit. We are grateful to OTF for sponsoring the audit”. Read the full announcement and  report.


EasyCrypt end-to-end email encryption

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