Perfect Email Privacy

EasyCrypt is a cutting edge email privacy service that provides end-to-end encryption, metadata protection and anonymity, at your existing email address

Your messages will be encrypted end-to-end using 4096-bit OpenPGP. Nobody will be able read them but you and your correspondents. EasyCrypt is technically unable to read or disclose your messages to a 3rd party.

Use your existing email address – such as your work email, Gmail,, or Yahoo Mail – with confidence, for all your email communication. Your messages – anonymized, encrypted and metadata-free – will be stored at your existing email service.

You can remain anonymous while communicating from your usual email address. Your name and email address will be hidden under a pseudonym and nobody will be able to discover who you are – not even your correspondents or EasyCrypt. 

Communicate seamlessly not only with EasyCrypt subscribers but also with external PGP users. PGP users who decide to join EasyCrypt for added metadata protection and anonymity, can import their keys.

With our full-featured webmail, Android/iOS apps and desktop email plugins, you will enjoy familiar and consistent email experience. Don’t worry about keys and technicalities – they are managed in the background.

*Not included in the beta version

Meet Bill, an EasyCrypt user

Bill uses EasyCrypt to protect his email privacy.

He communicates easily and with confidence with his friends and associates, with his lawyer and the web services he subscribes to. He is protected from the prying eyes of his email service provider, surveillance agencies and hackers. Sometimes he chooses to communicate anonymously.

Bill did not have to learn about encryption, keys and other technical stuff. He uses email just like he always did, using his existing email address and service.

Use EasyCrypt as Webmail and/or as app on your mobile device

Get your privacy back!

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